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Gundi, Cassandra and I took a trip to the Bauhaus in Dessau recently. It was amazing and completely intact. It was an incredible experience to visit the famous halls of so much great and influential design.    

Modernist Dollhouses

The NY Times came out with an article about charming modernist houses miniature size. There are times I would like be able to shrink my stuff to this size.

Type as Nerve Wrecker

There must be a lot of type nerds reading the NY Times because one of the popular articles today is titled: Mistake in Typography Grate the Purists. I have to admit, I’ve gotten upset over bad letterspacing from everywhere–in subway ads, highway signs and especially movie titles.


A few days ago I got introduced to the wonderful book “Mediating Space – Soft Geometries, Textile Structures, Body Architecture” by Gabi Schillig. It just came out (published by merz & solitude, Stuttgart) and was presented at the book fair in Frankfurt am Main. The book design made Kerstin Lauck. Not only the book is worth […]

Everything will be ok

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an ADC-sponsored lecture of Keetra Dixon at the SoHo Apple store. Keetra was visibly nervous but gave a bubbly presentation of her awesome work and showed us stuff she is working on now at the Rockwell Group. I have to say, the Apple store is the WORST place […]

Fiber Glass Chairs

I met Eva Marguerre at the DMY 2009, Youngsters in Berlin. She makes these beautiful chairs out of fiber glass. They are light but very robust.

Imagining something new

The NY Times/City Room asked designers to redesign the logo for the new WTC.  The first one was designed by the firm Rumors, based in Brooklyn, NY. It’s definitely a play on corporate financial design. The second one is by Leslie Kwok which alludes to the 9-11 memorial. I missed the deadline but perhaps I […]