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Category Archives: Berlin

the art of conversation

The art of conversation is an online exhibition of 20 design studios either based in London and Berlin showing their exchange of ideas and work. The participants include: Hort, Siggi Eggertson, and Multistorey.

3-D illustrator

Sight Unseen has a nice post about Berlin-based 3-D illustrator Sarah Illenberger. She talks about her process and her use of tactile materials.

Welcome Henriette!

BER just had a baby girl! Welcome Henriette Kimya Prinz! And most of all congratulations Gundi and Niko! We are all so happy for you!


A few days ago I got introduced to the wonderful book “Mediating Space – Soft Geometries, Textile Structures, Body Architecture” by Gabi Schillig. It just came out (published by merz & solitude, Stuttgart) and was presented at the book fair in Frankfurt am Main. The book design made Kerstin Lauck. Not only the book is worth […]

Fiber Glass Chairs

I met Eva Marguerre at the DMY 2009, Youngsters in Berlin. She makes these beautiful chairs out of fiber glass. They are light but very robust.

Papergirl #4!

Gundi and I collaborated on a poster for Papergirl that is exhibiting at the Gulasch Gallery right now. Anyone was allowed to submit and soon all of the art will be given away for free all over Berlin. Watch the video above to see more. Below are some of our process pictures and the final […]

Paper Girl No. Drei

Papergirl, an art project based in Berlin is asking for submissions due June 17th. Members of LANYBER hope to participate. Check out the super inspiring video.   Papergirl #3 from Papergirl on Vimeo.