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Gundi, Cassandra and I took a trip to the Bauhaus in Dessau recently. It was amazing and completely intact. It was an incredible experience to visit the famous halls of so much great and influential design.    

So you need a typeface

Julia Hansen made an infographic poster to help us designers in a pinch.

Lubalin Now

I went to the opening of the Lubalin Now exhibit at the new Cooper Union building The exhibit showcased Herb Lubalin’s work as well as designers he has influenced. I really liked seeing his sketches/process. People at the reception were so jubilant over the work! Also the new Cooper Union building is incredible with fabulous […]

Type as Nerve Wrecker

There must be a lot of type nerds reading the NY Times because one of the popular articles today is titled: Mistake in Typography Grate the Purists. I have to admit, I’ve gotten upset over bad letterspacing from everywhere–in subway ads, highway signs and especially movie titles.

Alice Savoie

I love Typography just posted an interview with Alice Savoie who studied typeface design at Reading University and is now a designer at Monotype Imaging.

ke rn

I wish I had these rings during Typographics.

Type in stitches

  I love the project called Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov. She explores digital printing by using embroidery to discuss the process. I’m a huge fan of embroidery and love the tactile texture that comes through the type.

Lux et Veritas

  Last Friday a bunch of us went to see the Yale Graphic Design MFA exhibition. The end of the year books were on the main floor (with the exception of the opening title to the exhibition) and then the elaborate display of projections were downstairs.  The program at Yale has a distinct aesthetic. The […]

Margaret’s typeface revived

I saw this post from Aisle One about the New Rail alphabet designed by Henrik Kubel in close collaboration with Margaret Calvert. The typeface is based on Transport which was designed by Ms. Calvert of Kinneir Calvert Associates in the early 60s. Kinneir Calvert was commissioned to make a usable communication system for the impending […]