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Category Archives: Book Design

Katrin Schacke

Above is some beautiful work by Katrin Schacke who is based in Frankfurt. She is also included the new book Neuland: The Future of German Graphic Design designed by Two Points.


A few days ago I got introduced to the wonderful book “Mediating Space – Soft Geometries, Textile Structures, Body Architecture” by Gabi Schillig. It just came out (published by merz & solitude, Stuttgart) and was presented at the book fair in Frankfurt am Main. The book design made Kerstin Lauck. Not only the book is worth […]

The Book Projects

iDPURE is putting out their book projects. Submit your doodles, polaroids and ideas to be part of the fun! Found the post and many great things through ManyStuff.

Irma Boom : Book Design

Last weekend I have been to the “Irma Boom : Book Design” exhibition in Zurich. It takes place in the “Plakatraum” of the “Museum für Gestaltung Zürich” and runs until mid of July 2009. It is small and beautiful made. Wonderful are the small dummies of her books. Irma Boom is one of the most […]

Lux et Veritas

  Last Friday a bunch of us went to see the Yale Graphic Design MFA exhibition. The end of the year books were on the main floor (with the exception of the opening title to the exhibition) and then the elaborate display of projections were downstairs.  The program at Yale has a distinct aesthetic. The […]