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Category Archives: Lady Designers

the art of conversation

The art of conversation is an online exhibition of 20 design studios either based in London and Berlin showing their exchange of ideas and work. The participants include: Hort, Siggi Eggertson, and Multistorey.

So you need a typeface

Julia Hansen made an infographic poster to help us designers in a pinch.

Esther Mahlangu

Esther Mahlangu (Born in 1935) is a South African artist. This strong traditional art of Esther Mahlangu amazed me and I found an interesting article about her and her art work: “In the tradition of the Ndebele,EstherĀ  Mahlangu was taught how to paint by her grandmother and mother at the age of 10… Though grounded […]

3-D illustrator

Sight Unseen has a nice post about Berlin-based 3-D illustrator Sarah Illenberger. She talks about her process and her use of tactile materials.

Katrin Schacke

Above is some beautiful work by Katrin Schacke who is based in Frankfurt. She is also included the new book Neuland: The Future of German Graphic Design designed by Two Points.

Sister Corita Love

Just visited the Zach Feuer Gallery last Saturday to check out the always inspiring work of Sister Corita Kent. Her silkscreen prints just POP. I felt elated from looking at her work. This reminds me that I still need to read her and Jan Steward’s book: Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit.

Everything will be ok

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an ADC-sponsored lecture of Keetra Dixon at the SoHo Apple store. Keetra was visibly nervous but gave a bubbly presentation of her awesome work and showed us stuff she is working on now at the Rockwell Group. I have to say, the Apple store is the WORST place […]

watch those titles

Flux just posted a video interview with the super duper Karin Fong from Imaginary Forces. In the video you get sneak previews to the upcoming Terminator movie and the Pink Panther remake.

Fiber Glass Chairs

I met Eva Marguerre at the DMY 2009, Youngsters in Berlin. She makes these beautiful chairs out of fiber glass. They are light but very robust.

E&A no. 7

Above are some photos from the E&A no. 7 launch party. You can find out more about the mag here. You just gotta love that logo.