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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Irma Boom : Book Design

Last weekend I have been to the “Irma Boom : Book Design” exhibition in Zurich. It takes place in the “Plakatraum” of the “Museum für Gestaltung Zürich” and runs until mid of July 2009. It is small and beautiful made. Wonderful are the small dummies of her books. Irma Boom is one of the most […]

Mrs. Eaves fattens up

  I wanted to mention that Emigre updated its very popular Mrs. Eaves typeface. Mrs. Eaves is based on the font Baskerville. Mrs. Eaves the person was also John Baskerville’s housekeeper and mistress.  Mrs. Eaves is considered to be a great contemporary interpretation of Baskerville but it has a small x-height which made it awkward when set in […]

Type in stitches

  I love the project called Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov. She explores digital printing by using embroidery to discuss the process. I’m a huge fan of embroidery and love the tactile texture that comes through the type.

Emily Forgot but not forgotten

Here’s some cool work by London-based designer Emily Forgot.

Lux et Veritas

  Last Friday a bunch of us went to see the Yale Graphic Design MFA exhibition. The end of the year books were on the main floor (with the exception of the opening title to the exhibition) and then the elaborate display of projections were downstairs.  The program at Yale has a distinct aesthetic. The […]

Margaret’s typeface revived

I saw this post from Aisle One about the New Rail alphabet designed by Henrik Kubel in close collaboration with Margaret Calvert. The typeface is based on Transport which was designed by Ms. Calvert of Kinneir Calvert Associates in the early 60s. Kinneir Calvert was commissioned to make a usable communication system for the impending […]

Let’s kiss & make up

  Reiko Underwater with her label Tsunami Addiction has collaborated with TEAMS with another awesome compilation called Let’s Kiss & Make Up. The music is an eclectic mix of electro and rock with a bitter sweetness that I can’t seem to never get enough of.

Paper Girl No. Drei

Papergirl, an art project based in Berlin is asking for submissions due June 17th. Members of LANYBER hope to participate. Check out the super inspiring video.   Papergirl #3 from Papergirl on Vimeo.

Imagining something new

The NY Times/City Room asked designers to redesign the logo for the new WTC.  The first one was designed by the firm Rumors, based in Brooklyn, NY. It’s definitely a play on corporate financial design. The second one is by Leslie Kwok which alludes to the 9-11 memorial. I missed the deadline but perhaps I […]

feathers galore

  Found these images via Design Sponge. The works are by artist Kate MccGwire. There is so much energy and movement on how she shapes and manipulates the feathers. I can’t get enough of the repetition and texture.