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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Daily Uniform

  The Uniform Project is a cool idea. The project hopes to build awareness on how to be sustainable with the things we wear. Sheena Matheiken, an interactive art director based in New York, pledges to wear one of seven identical dresses everyday for one year. She is also asking others to participate by donating […]

Papergirl #4!

Gundi and I collaborated on a poster for Papergirl that is exhibiting at the Gulasch Gallery right now. Anyone was allowed to submit and soon all of the art will be given away for free all over Berlin. Watch the video above to see more. Below are some of our process pictures and the final […]

Owls, Moustaches and Sea Creatures

Finally am posting photos from this year’s Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. We were blessed with lovely weather this time. Last year, the storms were so bad that several tents flew up in the air and lots of goods were trashed. Surprisingly enough, certain trends are still holding out–like cupcakes, deer, owls, moustaches and sea […]

Alice Savoie

I love Typography just posted an interview with Alice Savoie who studied typeface design at Reading University and is now a designer at Monotype Imaging.

ke rn

I wish I had these rings during Typographics.

Heavenly tie dye

  This site is making it’s way through the blogosphere. I’m digging these tie dye experiments by Shabd Simon-Alexander. The ways the colors and forms interact seem otherworldly to me.

Sale illustrated

Above are some lovely graphics from the beloved Mansi Shah of Browntown that she was hired for Urban Outfitters. Her brushstrokes feel free like California sunshine.