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Monthly Archives: July 2009

culture monster

J Lep made it in today’s LA Times. They performed at this year’s New Original Works Festival at REDCAT. See the post here. I think I’ve watched their video 500 times. I also found this cute video of Mika Miko directed by one of J Lep’s members—Lana Kim. Watch it below.

Fiber Glass Chairs

I met Eva Marguerre at the DMY 2009, Youngsters in Berlin. She makes these beautiful chairs out of fiber glass. They are light but very robust.

E&A no. 7

Above are some photos from the E&A no. 7 launch party. You can find out more about the mag here. You just gotta love that logo.

Deanne Cheuk

Deanne Cheuk recently updated her site.

Macrame’s past

Having gone to the Renegade Craft Fair back in early June, I was inspired to pull out some of my craft books. I thought I would give Virginia Harvey’s Macrame: The Art of Creative Knotting, a closer look. Macrame is often associated with hippie spinners making highly flammable plant hangers. Quickly looking at some of […]


The New York Times put out this video about how two ladies in a Bronx housing project are educating folks about recycling. It truly shows you can be inspiring at any age.

The Humanprinter

Email your images to the thehumanprinter and they will get their markers out and start stippling away. This is an interesting twist in our rapidly changing technological world.